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Members Only: This is YOUR club so if there is anything you wish to see/do/learn, then please tell us. If you don't ask then you probably won't get. Any ideas to better our club, this site or anything else you fancy then send an e-mail to me via this site.� Webmaster


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Welcome to Cheltenham Videomakers





Welcome to Cheltenham Videomakers, we formed the club so that anyone interested in making videos could meet other like-minded people. We get together in a friendly and informal atmosphere to discuss our hobby and share experiences.

We meet at The Reddings Community Centre, North Rd West, The Reddings, Cheltenham, please refer to Programme page for dates. All 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to attend one of our meetings we will be very happy to see you, there is no obligation and if you would prefer you may attend up to two meetings before deciding to join. For Club Rules  click here

Please note; as of August 2017 this website will no longer operate, due to financial restrictions. The Club however will still function so come along to see us. 


Ken (Chairman)                                                                                           Interested?  click here





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Any member wishing to loan either Club Camera or Zoom H2 Audio Recorder please note no hard copy instructions are available but can be viewed in .pdf format below.


E_H2.pdf  [2.43Mb]













Have a Problem?  Software, Hardware, or just confused by salesmen. We will try to help. We are not experts but have many years of experience in film making and software. If we don't know the answer to your query we may be able to direct you to a website that can. There is no charge for this service.

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Guidance for Photographers (and videographers)

Know your rights when filming or photograping in public places. Some people have had their images deleted by police officers for filming in public places, and indeed, have been detained.  NOT a pleasant experience, you would agree.

Print out and keep handy the attachedcopy of a letter to the Assocation of Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. IF you should get stopped by a police officer show them the letter and hopefully problems should be avoided. click here